About Us

  Young Chinese is committed to providing quality multimedia Chinese curriculum packages for K-12 learners of Chinese overseas. The integration of an online instructional platform and offline course materials offers course participants an immersive interactive environment that is vital for learning to occur. 

  Young Chinese is an online K-12 Chinese education platform jointly developed by the China-based Xihuaxueyun Cultural Communications and Surewin Culture LLC in the U.S. It took a grand army of over one hundred educationists, teachers of Chinese, engineers and animation designers five years to develop the two sets of brand new K-12 Chinese courses, including Young Chinese: A Reader for learners from a Chinese background and Young Chinese: Conversations for those from a non-Chinese background. Both courses are designed as such that upon completion of the 10-year course, learners’ proficiency level will reach HSK Level 4 and that they will have no difficulty in passing either the SAT II or the AP test. The ultimate goal is to enable learners to become proficient in listening, speaking, reading and writing thus having no trouble, linguistically or culturally, if they are transferred to China for educational or work purposes. 

  As a dedicated, professional Chinese education service provider for overseas K-12 learners, Young Chinese look forward to establishing cooperative ties with overseas schools, language centers, and teachers. We sincerely hope that together we can provide the best Chinese education services and course materials for millions of K-12 Chinese learners.

  For more information on Young Chinese, click on 【Video Introduction to Young Chinese】.