City Partners

City partners or CPs are high level business partners of Young Chinese solely responsible for market development and product promotion in major cities.

1. Eligibility:

You should be a successful educator or among the elite of the city.

You should be enthusiastic about Chinese education and willing to devote your spare time to promoting our products.

You should know the local culture, language and schools quite well.

Most importantly, you should like Young Chinese and identify with its mission.

2. Obligations:

1)Sales: You are responsible for making sales plans in the city, accomplishing the sales target set for the city, and evaluating the sales performance of your team members.

2)Team building: You are responsible for building a city-wide network of market agents and for recruiting, training and managing and evaluating associate partners (APs).

3)Sales channels: You are responsible for maintaining and expanding sales channels in the city, and introducing to all types of Chinese education institutions the teaching philosophy, policies and products of Young Chinese. This can be done by, for example, holding seminars, visiting local schools, and sending APs to attend or preferably speak at conferences. You shall also to look for more business partners for the company and endeavor to increase member schools.

4)Public relations: You are responsible for creating and maintaining public relations, enhancing the company’s reputation of the company, and safeguarding the credibility of the company’s products. You shall work to establish and maintain cooperative ties with the local schools, governmental departments, NGOs, and businesses.

5)City partners shall also perform all the duties required of an AP.

3. Application Form: